Melinda Katz is running for Queens District attorney.

Councilman Rory Lancman for Queens District Attorney chairs the Committee on the Justice System. Rory oversees the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, the district attorneys in all five boroughs and the City’s special narcotics prosecutor. He also oversees the public defender organizations, the civil legal services providers funded by the City, and the courts.

As Chairman, and as a member of other Council committees that oversee the police department and Rikers Island, Rory Lancman has been a leading advocate. Because he advocates ending overpolicing, mass incarceration and racial inequality in our criminal justice system. And Rory is also a staunch supporter of focusing more criminal justice resources on protecting women immigrants and wage earners. Also, making legal services available to poor and working people in New York City.

Councilman Lancman’s hearings, budget actions, and legislation have been on the leading edge of criminal justice reform. While, his committee has conducted oversight hearings on “broken windows” policing, bail reform, speedy trial failures. Also, Rory Lancman focuses on wrongful convictions, ICE operations in courthouses, New York’s antiquated criminal discovery laws. It is past time we shut down discriminatory marijuana enforcement, and raising the age of criminal culpability.

Rory Lancman

Rory Lancman has authored laws protecting women from internet harassment; reducing the City’s use of the criminal justice system for quality-of-life offenses. Tracking City agencies’ issuances of criminal summonses is over. But, exposing unequal enforcement of fare evasion against black and Latino New Yorkers. Making public the police department’s use of force data by precinct. Rory is committed to protecting the ability of those arrested to notify their family.

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Meet Rory Lancman

Our Justice System Is Broken — Let's Fix It Together

Meet Rory Lancman


Our Justice System Is Broken — Let’s Fix It Together

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